BEB Apparel: Kavos a British YouTube star with over 1 million subscribers is set to release his new clothing line called BEB Apparel.

Q-VARY Kavos and BEB Apparel
Q-VARY Kavos and BEB Apparel

Kavos a British YouTube star with over 1 million subscribers popularly known for reporting YouTube news and drama have been promoting his new clothing line called BEB Apparel for months on YouTube. However, he has been experiencing delays with release date.

Kavos announced that he was working on releasing a clothing line after reaching the 1 million subscribers milestone on YouTube while he was in China hosting a YouTube life stream of the KSI and Logan Paul’s boxing match on 25 August 2018. Many of his fans have been waiting for him to announce a release date for the clothing line ever since then.

Kavos who is well known for his ranting and commenting on YouTubers and other stars released a YouTube video on his channel on 27th November 2018 title “KSI Diss Track Beef IS FAKE!!!”. In this video Kavos announced that his BEB Apparel may be dropping the week commencing 3rd December 2018. Kavos also explained in his video that he is trying to make sure that all products released under BEB Apparel will be of high quality and will represent him.

Kavos said he has been working so hard on the clothing line for months just to make sure it turns out right. He has also been promoting it through Instagram. As at the release date of this article BEB Apparel have close to 9000 followers on Instagram.

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Jake Paul reveals the challenges he encounters with his new RNBO Clothing Brand in a new video.


 Q-VARY Jake Paul RNBO story
Q-VARY; Jake Paul’s RNBO story

Jake Paul a YouTube sensation from Ohio USA recently launched his Rise N’Be Original RNBO Clothing line. Jake  announced the launch of RNBO at the Manchester Evening News Arena (MEN) on 25 August 2018. after his boxing match with Deji another successful British YouTube sensation also known as (ComedyShotsGamer) .

Jake Paul revealed some of the challenges his new RNBO Clothing line faces in his YouTube series  Jake Paul Uncut  S1 E1 video  titled Here’s Why Erika & I Broke Up.. (Jake Paul Uncut).  Statistics show  that Jake has made a record amount of sale with his Jake Paul merchandise which he runs in partnership with fanjoy. However, Jake explains the difference between his RNBO Clothing Brand and his Jake Paul  Merchandise line,  Jake explained that his Jake Paul merchandise will most likely be bought by his fans because they love him but RNBO is a clothing brand and he will take it a step further; celebrities , designers and so on will buy  and wear RNBO.

Jake Paul who recently went through a breakup with his girl friend Erika Costell after a Documentary about his life produced by Shane Dawson went viral.  Jake explained in his video that  his RNBO partners are not up to part with designs and production. Jake said in his video that he expects to get new samples and designs from his RNBO partners regularly. He also explains that he  will like to inspect the texture of the fabrics,  the quality of the clothes and the designs before production. Jake also mentioned that  In house speedy production is an important factor for him so he can meet up with demand.

The RNBO brand has  great potentials because Jake  Paul has a huge following and a ready market for the clothes, at the time of this writing we checked the RNBO website and all products were out of stock.


Click here to watch Jake Paul’s Video  {Here’s Why Erika & I Broke Up.. (Jake Paul Uncut) }

The cloud game and conversion rate (Entrepreneurs world)

The cloud game and conversion rate (Entrepreneurs world)
The cloud game and conversion rate (Entrepreneurs world)

The cloud game and conversion rate (Entrepreneurs world)

How important is the cloud game for every business?

How quick do people get conversion from chasing cloud?

Is the cloud game a major business on its own for businesses ?

How do an organisation build trust in the online world?

Do you have a target market (audience) ?

Many ask these questions and many have no answers, as a result we have decide to shed light by sharing  our opinion, the questions above are some of the main questions entrepreneurs and new organisations ask today . Research show that many businesses are taking to social media marketing, pay per click, online product marketing and so on to get their businesses out there , but by doing so traffic building became a major thing in the internet game for a business. Analysis  of online performance became a major business on its own in recent times. People pay millions of dollars if not more for online presence and detailed analysis.

Organic searches are presumably the best form of required audience online that can make a business  achieve better conversion rate faster because the audience from organic searches  are seen as interested and required customers,  but how many investors can wait for organic searches to materialise? . It is important to ask yourself the above questions if you are a new entrepreneur or  if you are taking a leap of faith into the business world, so you don’t dive nose down . However, you may not want to over think it.

We do not have answers to many question. However,  engagement is a good way of introducing and engaging people with your business. One thing is for sure in our opinion “you will not be able to run it all by yourself” breaking down different parts of your business into little sections and delegating it to people that are professionals in each section  to help manage it  may be more effective and can make you achieve conversions faster , Q-vary is not the best out there but we can share our opinions on the days of little beginnings.

Are your planning to start a new business or are you already a professional business owner, share your thoughts, opinion and advice with us in the comments section below.

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The Juice about urban streetwear clothing today

The world of urban streetwear is growing tremendously in recent times, many high street brands tapped into the market early enough. Urban streetwear have had major growth worldwide from America to Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. Arguably Urban streetwear is part of the  hiphop culture, the hiphop community can be said to have created a large part of the market. In recent times social media have been a massive advertising and market place for urban streetwear. YouTubers jump on the street clothing market in the name of Merchandise.

People search endlessly on Google , Bing and other search engines worldwide for clothing associated with the said sector, some are entrepreneurs looking to tap into the market and others are looking to buy the most hyped brands, the minority of people actually look for the best looking  brands arguably.  Many argue that streetwear clothing cannot be compared to high street fashion, others argue about the production and quality of streetwear brands, the debate on internet blogs, social media and forums is endless. Continue reading The Juice about urban streetwear clothing today