BEB Apparel: Kavos a British YouTube star with over 1 million subscribers is set to release his new clothing line called BEB Apparel.

Q-VARY Kavos and BEB Apparel
Q-VARY Kavos and BEB Apparel

Kavos a British YouTube star with over 1 million subscribers popularly known for reporting YouTube news and drama have been promoting his new clothing line called BEB Apparel for months on YouTube. However, he has been experiencing delays with release date.

Kavos announced that he was working on releasing a clothing line after reaching the 1 million subscribers milestone on YouTube while he was in China hosting a YouTube life stream of the KSI and Logan Paul’s boxing match on 25 August 2018. Many of his fans have been waiting for him to announce a release date for the clothing line ever since then.

Kavos who is well known for his ranting and commenting on YouTubers and other stars released a YouTube video on his channel on 27th November 2018 title “KSI Diss Track Beef IS FAKE!!!”. In this video Kavos announced that his BEB Apparel may be dropping the week commencing 3rd December 2018. Kavos also explained in his video that he is trying to make sure that all products released under BEB Apparel will be of high quality and will represent him.

Kavos said he has been working so hard on the clothing line for months just to make sure it turns out right. He has also been promoting it through Instagram. As at the release date of this article BEB Apparel have close to 9000 followers on Instagram.

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