Jake Paul reveals the challenges he encounters with his new RNBO Clothing Brand in a new video.


 Q-VARY Jake Paul RNBO story
Q-VARY; Jake Paul’s RNBO story

Jake Paul a YouTube sensation from Ohio USA recently launched his Rise N’Be Original RNBO Clothing line. Jake  announced the launch of RNBO at the Manchester Evening News Arena (MEN) on 25 August 2018. after his boxing match with Deji another successful British YouTube sensation also known as (ComedyShotsGamer) .

Jake Paul revealed some of the challenges his new RNBO Clothing line faces in his YouTube series  Jake Paul Uncut  S1 E1 video  titled Here’s Why Erika & I Broke Up.. (Jake Paul Uncut).  Statistics show  that Jake has made a record amount of sale with his Jake Paul merchandise which he runs in partnership with fanjoy. However, Jake explains the difference between his RNBO Clothing Brand and his Jake Paul  Merchandise line,  Jake explained that his Jake Paul merchandise will most likely be bought by his fans because they love him but RNBO is a clothing brand and he will take it a step further; celebrities , designers and so on will buy  and wear RNBO.

Jake Paul who recently went through a breakup with his girl friend Erika Costell after a Documentary about his life produced by Shane Dawson went viral.  Jake explained in his video that  his RNBO partners are not up to part with designs and production. Jake said in his video that he expects to get new samples and designs from his RNBO partners regularly. He also explains that he  will like to inspect the texture of the fabrics,  the quality of the clothes and the designs before production. Jake also mentioned that  In house speedy production is an important factor for him so he can meet up with demand.

The RNBO brand has  great potentials because Jake  Paul has a huge following and a ready market for the clothes, at the time of this writing we checked the RNBO website and all products were out of stock.


Click here to watch Jake Paul’s Video  {Here’s Why Erika & I Broke Up.. (Jake Paul Uncut) }

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