24 Aug

The Juice about urban streetwear clothing today

The world of urban streetwear is growing tremendously in recent times, many high street brands tapped into the market early enough. Urban streetwear have had major growth worldwide from America to Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. Arguably Urban streetwear is part of the  hiphop culture, the hiphop community can be said to have created a large part of the market. In recent times social media have been a massive advertising and market place for urban streetwear. YouTubers jump on the street clothing market in the name of Merchandise.

People search endlessly on Google , Bing and other search engines worldwide for clothing associated with the said sector, some are entrepreneurs looking to tap into the market and others are looking to buy the most hyped brands, the minority of people actually look for the best looking  brands arguably.  Many argue that streetwear clothing cannot be compared to high street fashion, others argue about the production and quality of streetwear brands, the debate on internet blogs, social media and forums is endless.

Building a brand may be quite challenging for new entrepreneurs looking to get into the urban street wear market. However, good quality coupled with consistency and good adverting will get a new brand into the market, this may take some time!!!!, the reality we live in today still applies. Getting a major brand as a support system may be a great idea for a new and upcoming brand but this will certainly be challenging. Convincing  a major brand for support comes with a price. The only exceptions in this case are the few famous ones such as athletes, entertainers, radio presenters, Dj’s and so on This few may find it easier as this is good business for any major brand in question.

The business side of urban streetwear remains the same as every other business be it television , music industry etc. It is challenging because major players in the game are already dominating the market space and  new upcoming businesses have to build their customers around this huddles. However, it is always good to work with game players

What is your take on Urban streetwear?

To be continued………….


    Akinbode Oluwaseun Akinosi

    Great insight. Good read. Thanks.

    Detailed, direct and well informative

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